The Joys of Silent Illness – Migraine

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Where have you been?

You may well ask me this question. I start a brand new blog and start posting straight away, all enthusiastic to start my new blogging journey, and then ………. radio silence………. no posts……. no facebook posts……. nothing on instagram.

Well it is safe to say my body decided it was time to get in the way of me doing anything again. I have been struggling with my migraines and for the past week have been pretty much bed bound in a dark room, with a eye mask on wanting the world to disappear. It is at this point in my life that there is really nothing i can do apart from ride out the storm and hope it passes quickly. I may take a daily prophylactic to try and prevent them but these babies seem to keep on coming at the moment. My acute medication seemed to take time off for good behavior on previous occasions and in agony i was left.

Many of you may not have experienced a migraine. Well first off it is not just a headache! Imagine one side of your head about the size of your hand trying to split into multiple pieces and then if you see any light it feels like daggers are being driven into your skull through your eyeballs. On top of this you want to be sick but in my case cant be and hate the smell of everything. Every noise sounds like an explosion and the sound of your own voice like you are screaming at yourself. Plus if you try and look at something it is like you can only see out of one eye because the other won’t work and if you stand you feel like you are on a turn table. Have you got this all in your head? Now multiply all those feelings and you might be slightly close to how I and other sufferers feel.

Don’t forget though everyone suffers from migraines differently and has different side effects from them.

Gosh isn’t this a fun and light hearted post!

There is a point to this. Most migraine sufferers get told by people ‘oh i get headaches all the time’ but many people do not realise how migraines can affect our lives.

I have always suffered from them and when i was growing up would have the odd one now and again. Then as i got older i would get stress related migraines and hormone related ones plus good old lactose gives me them too but i learnt to cope with these. Then I had the meningitis and i was left with Chronic Migraines. By this I mean I was getting them pretty much every day. They were not all of the same severity as i describe above and the duration could be from an hour to days but it was safe to say life became unbearable and it took several neurologists later until i met the most wonderful man Dr Davies who managed to find a way to manage them for me. That was until recently when something seems to have changed but this is a new battle to face and may just mean we need to alter my meds or maybe something new is going on but we will find a way.

I want to give everyone out there hope that if you do suffer from migraines that there are ways to manage them and actually really effective treatments. There are so many different ways to treat migraines that it can be difficult to know where to begin. For example, some people find that alternative therapies and natural treatments like CBD oil may be the most effective way to treat the pain.

kanaway-pure-gold-150x150 The Joys of Silent Illness – Migraine

 Kanaway is just one of the numerous companies that sells these kinds of products if you’d like to find out more. It may take you a while to work out the best combo for you and it might be that seeing your GP isn’t the answer and you need to see a migraine specialist like i did.

There are some amazing doctors out there who can help and a website, The Migraine Trust, that i use all the time with loads of information on it that’s is always worth looking at.

I have also found that ice and cold compresses help my migraines. I use these amazing Migracaps, which you can purchase from Amazon. You keep them in the freezer for when you need them and then just place them on your head and with me they really help with the pain. I now have two so that when one is on the other is still in the freezer waiting to be used.

Also remember that there are loads of migraine sufferers out there and we don’t have to suffer in silence. It can be just as debilitating to have a migraine as some of the other ‘disabilities’ that are more commonly known.

Keep you chin up everyone and keep smiling.

You are not alone and we should all be here to support one another. It should not matter what disability or silent illness or mental health issue we have. Everyone should support each other.

Have a great week everyone.

Toria xxx

Off to london


March 14, 2018