White Cotton Makeup Remover Round

White Cotton Makeup Remover Round

You may be aware that many of the makeup removing wipes currently on the market contain plastic.  Each wipe takes hundreds of years to degrade and causes huge problems in our drains (have you heard of the now infamous ‘fatbergs’).  Even if you are socially responsible and put them in your bin, they then add to the ever-growing mountains of landfill waste.

So, why not replace your makeup removing wipes with a white cotton makeup remover round that contains no plastic and hence causes none of the above problems?  And, when they eventually do get to the end of their life, you can cut them up and put them on the compost heap; making even more good use of them.  All this, AND they are both soft and kind to your skin!


The Rounds

These fabulous, reusable, cotton makeup remover rounds are approximately 3.5 inches in diameter and just the same as my pads, just a different shape.  The rounds are made with 100% cotton yarn and hand crocheted.  They are super strong and great for all your makeup removal needs.  You can use these rounds to remove your makeup with all your usual products, from facial cleansers and toners, and even to nail polish remover instead of cotton pads (they may fade a little if you do but they still work brilliantly!).

They are available in a range of colours and I can make sets of matching items including shower puffs, face cloths and soap savers.  Have your bath and body care match your bathroom and bedroom decor.  Choose matching items yourself from the website or contact me to discuss any specific requirements.



These makeup remover rounds are washing machine safe on a cool wash. You may find that some dye comes out of the cotton when they are first used.  This is normal so don’t worry; just be careful what you wash them with for the first few times.  If you accidentally put them in the tumble drier, all is not lost: they may shrink a little but they are still usable.  In fact, you may find that you like this as it then gives you a tighter weave and makes them super soft!


One More thing…

Don’t forget, these makeup remover rounds will look much nicer on your dressing table or by your sink than a plastic bag full of wipes.  You also won’t end up with a bin full of unsightly used wipes as you can just pop these in the washing basket with your other laundry.


This listing is for a White Cotton Makeup Remover Round.


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