Tigers Eye Bare Copper Netted Pendant

Tigers Eye Bare Copper Netted Pendant

I have been making jewellery for the past 6 years. Wirework was one of the first techniques I learnt and has always been my favourite.  Wire is amazing, especially the way it can be teased into different shapes to make beautiful and intricate designs. I take great pride in my work and have found of the years that my favourite type of wire to work with is bare copper.

I have many pendants on my website in a range of shapes, sizes and gemstones.  The wire can also come in different colours, but I predominantly use copper due to its malleability.  I can work in sterling silver although I only do this for commissions due to the cost of the raw materials.


The Pendant

This beautiful, hand-woven bloodstone pendant has been made with silver coloured copper wire and an oval polished bloodstone cabochon to create this unique wirework piece.  The wire has been netted around the cabochon to capture it and allow the unique colours in the stone to shine through.  The pendant has been made with a mixture of 0.4 and 1 mm wires. The pendant will come with a 16 inch black pendant cord.  Should you require a longer one, please message me.

Tigers Eye Bare Copper Netted Pendant

Pendant length – 4.5 cm including bale (approx)

Pendant width – 2.5 cm wide at widest point (approx)

Your piece will come in a gift box.


Care for your jewellery

Great care has been taken in making your jewellery and there are a few tips I suggest to help you keep your jewellery looking fabulous.  In particular, bare copper and sterling silver will naturally age over time.  It may become darker and you may find a slight colour coming off onto your skin.  With silver, this may be black; with copper, this may be green.  I seal all my bare copper pieces to try and prevent this but it cannot be guaranteed due to different skin types.  These tips help prevent or slow this process.

  • Put your jewellery on after you have put on your deodorant, perfume and hair spray. The chemicals in these can damage gemstones and pearls and, in some cases, cause metals to oxidise.
  • Ensure you take your jewellery off before bathing or showering to avoid any water damage or damage from the chemicals in soap, shower gels or bath salts.
  • Ensure you take your jewellery off before going to bed (well, to sleep, anyway 😊) to prevent any snagging damage and to minimise the time in contact with your skin (your skin contains chemicals that can damage the jewellery as much as the chemicals mentioned above).
  • When putting on ‘stretchy’ bracelets, ensure they are rolled on to prevent over-stretching the elastic.


One More Thing …

If you are interested in anything in the Toria’s Trinkets collection but would like it slightly different, please contact me and I will be happy to discuss how we can create a unique piece for you to treasure.  I also have a wide variety of gemstones but if you can’t see anything that you like, please message me and we can discuss what you are looking for, and I will try and get it for you.


All items from my collections are created with love, care and attention to detail and i hope that when you receive your item you love it as much as I do.  I use 100% genuine gemstones and high quality materials.  I love what I do and hope you do too.