Tea Rose Cotton Soap Saver

Tea Rose Cotton Soap Saver

Are you trying to move away from using shower gels where half of it ends up going down the drain?  Would you prefer to go back to using good old-fashioned bars of soap but you hate the way they go all gooey when you leave them on the side? And do you wonder what to do with all those little bits you are left with at the end?  Well, I have the perfect answer with my reusable, recyclable, cotton soap savers.

All you do is pop your soap into a soap saver and you are on your way to a goo-free, soap bit free life.  The cotton in the soap saver absorbs all the goo, giving you that lovely lather you are used to, and the soap saver retains all the bits of the soap at the end.  So, when you are coming to the end of the bar, all you do is pop a new bar in – you never have to think about the bits that are left.


The Soap Savers

These fabulous, reusable, cotton soap savers will fit a standard bar of soap.  They are made with 100% cotton yarn and hand crocheted.  They are super strong and great for all your family’s needs: yes, even your husband can use one!  They are also great for kids as they aren’t as slippery as those pesky bars of soap so their little hands can hold on to them more easily.

They are available in a range of colours and I can make sets of matching items including makeup remover pads, face cloths and shower puffs.  Have your bath and body care match your bathroom and bedroom decor.  Choose matching items yourself from the website or contact me to discuss any specific requirements.



These soap savers are washing machine safe on a cool wash. You may find that some dye comes out of the cotton when they are first used.  This is normal so don’t worry; just be careful what you wash them with for the first few times.  If you accidentally put them in the tumble drier, all is not lost: they may shrink a little but they are still usable.  In fact, you may find that you like this as it then gives you a tighter weave and makes them super soft!


One More thing…

Don’t forget, these soap savers will look much nicer in your soap dish than a gooey bar of soap or a bar made from lots of bits squished together in a desperate attempt to make another usable bar.


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