Moondance Cotton Soap Saver

Moondance Cotton Soap Saver

Do you want to do your part for the planet and reduce your waste?

We have all recently learned that many of the wet wipes and facial wipes contain plastic and are causing huge mountains in landfill as they take hundreds of year to degrade,

What about those bits at the end of a bar of soap?  Don’t you just hate wasting them?  Why not try one of my soap savers.  Just pop your soap in and get all that lovely lather and some added exfoliation from the cotton.  When your soap is down to its last legs you can just pop a new one in and you never have that leftover soap bits problem again.

This moondance cotton soap saver is super strong and great for all your needs they are made with 100% cotton yarn and hand crocheted in a range of colours to create this pattern.

The soap savers will fit a standard bar of soap and are washing machine safe on a cool wash. I have put mine in the tumble dryer but do find they shrink a little bit. You might find you like this as it then gives you a tighter weave but if not then steer clear of the tumble!  You will also find that some dye will come out of the cloth when it is first used.  This is normal and should not worry you.


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