Black Reusable cotton washcloths


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Black Reusable cotton washcloths

Do you want to do your part for the planet and reduce you waste?

Why not try one of my cotton washcloths which are both reusable, soft on your skin and good for the planet.

They are make with 100% cotton yarn and hand crocheted in a range of colours to create this pattern.

The washcloths are approximately 7.5 inches square.

The pads are washing machine safe on a cool wash. I have put mine in the tumble dryer but do find they shrink a little bit. You might find you like this as it then gives you a tighter weave but if not then steer clear of the tumble!

I have used my cloths with nail polish remover, soap, in the kitchen, face wash and toner. The only product I have found so far to alter them in any way is bleach which can change the colour and nail polish remover may do so as well with prolonged use.

These ones are black and made from a super soft cotton.  When you first start to use them some dye will come out when you squeeze them but do not worry this is normal and will fade over time.

More colours can be found here.

Should you wish for a larger cloth then I would be happy to make you one.

Any questions please let me know.

Toria 😊


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