Amethyst Cluster

This beautiful amethyst cluster is a light purple in colour.

Amethyst, when in the form of a cluster, druse or orb, helps to harmonize spaces, creating a sense of relaxation and calm, while transforming and cleansing the energy of the environment. In the form of a druse and a sphere, it can be placed on a bedside table or where we usually spend our time, it is great for relaxation and sleep. It is also widely used for meditation as it helps to calm the mind and connect with one’ s intuition.

Crystal benefits:

– Relieves anxiety and promotes a calm state

– Enhances the immune system and improves endocrine function, digestive health, reduces headaches and regulates hormones

– Opens a person’s third eye. The third eye is thought to be a source of power and wisdom

– Absorbs negative energy