Ear Warmers

There is nothing worse than cold ears when out and about! But, what if you don’t want to wear a hat or you have your hair up in a bun?  Well, ear warmers are the perfect solution.  Not only do they keep your ears toasty warm but you look fabulous too!

As with all the products at Toria’s Trinkets, I aim to make everything as environmentally friendly as possible by using environmentally friendly materials, recycling and upcycling wherever possible, and always producing as little waste as I can.

Some of these crocheted ear warmers have, however, been made from balls of yarn that have been sat in the cupboard for years.  And I do mean years; some of the yarn I bought to make a jumper whilst I was at university 20 years ago but I decided that I didn’t like the pattern and I never finished it.  As yet, I have not had to purchase a ball of yarn to make any of these crocheted ear warmers as I have a rather large stash.

Whilst they may not fit 100% with my environmentally friendly ethos, throwing them away unused would be an environmental crime!  When all this yarn is used, I will only be using natural fibres rather than manmade ones.  If you would like one making from environmentally friendly material (wool, cotton or bamboo), just give me a shout and I’ll make you one to order at no extra cost.