We all love Christmas but it can be so wasteful with new purchases each year of baubles, decorations and wreaths; and not forgetting all the wrapping paper that inevitably goes to waste.  Well, why not buy a wreath this year that has been made from pre-loved items but still looks as good and as beautiful as new!

All my wreaths have been made from upcycled materials.  I use as many pre-loved materials as I can, such as cotton shirts, pyjamas, bedding, jeans and even old curtain material remnants.  If I am trying to make a specific colour wreath for an occasion then I may use some new material but I do try to limit this given my drive for zero waste.

I even go on the scrounge after Christmas to try and reuse as much of other people’s old wreaths as possible.  It is amazing what you can get when you take apart an unwanted wreath: frame; material, decorations (and everything that I can’t use I either recycle or compost).  It may take time and effort but it is well worth it as the products are beautiful and we only have one planet!