Christmas Trees

We all love Christmas but it can be so wasteful with new purchases each year of baubles, decorations and wreaths; and not forgetting all the wrapping paper that inevitably goes to waste.  Plus there are all the extra bits and bobs you buy for friends and family like these crocheted Christmas trees which can be filled with numerous different types of man made fibres.

I aim to make my crochet Christmas Trees from balls of yarn that I have had sat in the cupboard for years.  As yet I have not had to purchase a ball from my rather large stash but I do realise that this will not last forever.  When this day comes I will only be using natural fibres rather than manmade ones.

I fill my Christmas trees with kapok which is a soft silky fibre which can sometimes be heard being called ‘tree wool’.  This is a more friendly material than using the fossil fuel based polyester filling, although I have been known to repurpose the filling from an old pillow, which has been thoroughly cleaned when I have run out of kapok and I have needed filling fast!

As with all the products at Toria’s Trinkets I aim to make everything as environmentally friendly as possible and produce as little waste as I can.