Shower Puffs

Are you fed up with those scratchy plastic shower puffs that you seem to use for a few weeks only for them to fall apart and be thrown away? Did you know that each one then takes thousand of years to degrade, adding to our ever-growing landfill problems?
If you want to do your bit for the planet and reduce your waste, why not swap your plastic shower puff for one of my fabulous, reusable shower puffs which will cause none of the above problems. And, when they eventually do get to the end of their life, you can cut them up and put them on the compost heap; making even more good use of them. All this, AND they are both soft and kind to your skin!
As well as the environmental benefits, there are great hygiene benefits too: you can pop these reusable shower puffs into the washing machine and get rid of all the nasty bacteria that grow on the plastic ones that can’t easily be washed without them falling apart.