10 Easy Swaps For a Plastic Free Life


Are you like me and hate the amount of plastic in your life? Do you hate continually seeing the reports on the news and in the media of how they are finding plastic and microparticles in animals? Well here is how I can help, I have put together a list […]

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How to Deal With a Problem Like Acrylic

How to Deal with a Problem Like Acrylic

Facebook Twitter Pinterest What could I possibly be talking about? Well yarn of course!  One of my favourite topics when I’m not talking about how you can reduce your waste output and environmental impact or crochet! Really who doesn’t like a good yarn?! Okay I know that is a really […]

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5 Tips to Start Your Zero Waste Lifestyle

Top 5 Tips To start your zero waste journey

Have you ever thought about moving to a zero waste lifestyle?  What is holding you back from starting?  If you just don’t know where to begin then my 5 Tips to Starting your Zero Waste Lifestyle should help you. When people start to think about a zero waste lifestyle, most […]

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Time flies

Washcloths in the making

Well I wish I could tell you I had been super duper busy doing all sorts of exciting thing, which was why I hadn’t written a post on my blog for nearly 6 months.

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Anxiety and my first train journey alone

BY TORIASTRINKETSBLOG · 14TH JANUARY 2019 So why would I want to tell you about a train journey? Most people probably do not see this as terribly exciting or worthy of comment, but for little old me this has been somewhat monumentus. Preparation Step 1 – booking First off let’s start with I […]

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The Joys of Silent Illness – Migraine

Where have you been? You may well ask me this question. I start a brand new blog and start posting straight away, all enthusiastic to start my new blogging journey, and then ………. radio silence………. no posts……. no facebook posts……. nothing on instagram. Well it is safe to say my […]

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