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Who am I and why did I start this page?  Well there is a short story and a long story.  Right now I will just tell you the short story and if you would like to learn more you can read more here.

The Short Story

The short story is that I have lived in pain since I was 12 years old from EDS Hypermobility type. I managed to contract one of the first swine flu cases in Manchester, then got meningitis which left me with chronic migraines, minor brain damage and numerous other aliments. However, I was lucky enough to be exposed to crafting as a young girl which I have now expanded upon as a result of the meningitis. Crafting has now turned into my main outlet to both express myself and to make a living as you will see from this page.

I am also a huge advocate for living a life where I create as little waste as possible.  Whilst this is fairly difficult in this day and age it is not impossible.  My blog talks all about my own zero waste journey, crafting and living with chronic illness.

Remember you do not have to be perfect and that every small change you make will help.

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